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Get Your Moving Quote Now!

PU Movers provide you an estimate of the amount it will cost you for your move. We offer different types of moving quotes, based on your need and the number of belongings you wish to be transported. Call us at xxx and we will get you a quote for your move. Here are a few things you need to know.

Why Do You Need Our Moving Quote?

While making a quote for you, we make sure to keep everything transparent and clear so you do not have any ambiguities. Here is why our moving quotes can be your best choice:

  • We offer a detailed price estimate for your understanding
  • We tend to keep the details transparent for you
  • We offer the most reasonable moving quotes as compared to other companies
  • We try to work with you by understanding your needs and requirements
  • We keep customer satisfaction as our topmost priority
  • We offer different services and their quotes as per your needs

Call us anytime you want and well will guide you with the best suitable moving quotes for you.

Types of Moving Processes to Get Quotes For

The moving quote you wish to get for your relocation process depends on the kind of services you want to utilize. There are different things included in different kinds of moving quotes. Let us have a look at the kinds of moving quotes you might need to know.

Full-Service Moving Quotes

These moving quotes are the most popular ones, and also the expensive of all. These include:

  • Packing everything for you including furniture, appliances, households, etc.
  • Loading all of your packed stuff into the truck using the loading equipment
  • Unloading all of the packed stuff from the truck once it has reached the destination
  • Moving the unloaded stuff to its destination be it an apartment, house, or office, etc.

Moving Labor Quotes

These moving quotes are comparatively lesser than the full service moving quotes. We send our labor at your doorstep to help load and unload your belongings.

Specialized Moving Quotes

These moving quotes do exactly as the name suggests. It includes moving specific items that need special services:

  • Specialized professionals for a particular task like packing, moving, etc.
  • Only for moving selective items that need special care and handling during relocation
  • Includes art, instruments, antiques, appliances, etc. that require special packing skills

Things You Need to Know Before Getting a Moving Quote

We are a legitimate company offering moving quotes
  • Authentic license and insurance approved company providing services
  • We offer local and intrastate movers to do the job for you
  • The local movers that we hire and train are all state-regulated
  • Positive reputation and reviews from our clients that you can confirm on our site
  • No concerns about scams at our end since we take special care of our values
  • We carry an inspection of your belonging before estimating a moving quote
We ensure that you are guided properly before handing over a moving quote estimate
  • We offer the best and most affordable quotes as compared to other companies
  • We also hold special discounts for our customers holding membership of our company
  • We have non-binding quotes depending on the weight of the items being moved

Factors You Need to Consider for Your Moving Quotes

Your Belongings and Weight

  • The more the stuff to be moved, the more it will cost
  • This will also mean more time in loading, unloading
  • It will also cost you a much bigger truck to load into

The Cost of Labor Hired

  • Labor cost depends on the state, and vary from one state to the other
  • It also varies for local and intrastate movers
  • Local movers are paid on a rate on an hourly basis
  • For intrastate movers, there is an estimated cost of the move

Liabilities and Valuation Coverage

  • There are mostly two options for the customers in this regard
  • Full Value Protection (FVP) considered as a comprehensive option
  • For FVP, you will be reimbursed with current cash value in case of any damage from our side
  • Released Value Protection (RVP) is a very basic liability coverage option
  • RVP is included for free in your moving quote and only includes a certain weight per cargo

- Licensed & Insured Movers:

The most important thing is to be sure of the company you trust for your home, belongings, or even the consultancy. We are licensed and insured as one of the best moving companies in Tampa.

The Distance to Be Travelled

  • The millage between the two points determines the full-service price
  • You have to pay for both gas and the time the driver spends on the road
  • The farther you have to move, the more it will cost you

The Cost of Packing Items

  • Need an extra payment when hiring movers for packing and unpacking
  • The moving quote also includes the disassembling and reassembling of furniture estimate

Additional Storage Terms and Conditions

  • Refers to any temporary storage before, during, or after your move
  • This additional cost is then added to your moving quote

We Value Our Employees

Call us now to get your moving quotes with PU Movers. We work hard to ensure customer satisfaction not just for your moving process, but also for your budget and financial concerns. We are here to answer all of your queries and to make sure that you are fully contented with your quotes.

PU Movers believes in fairness and honesty. With us, you do not have to worry about anything, for we will try to make every penny worth your choice for our services. With our 24/7 service, fair market quotes, quality assurance, and our dedication toward remarkable customer service, we assure you that your budget is in safe hands


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