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Moving is hard, and we know how hard it can be without professional help. Our commitment to customers is more than just packing and moving. We hold the quality of our services of great significance. We also believe that a satisfied customer is our biggest achievement

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Packing and moving

Our services comprise packing, loading, moving, unloading, and unpacking all heavy and fragile items for which are we are fully equipped and skilled. Our logistics department has ropes, packing material, packing boxes, moving mattresses, wraps, levers, and other tools and equipment in addition to our big moving trucks that are truly our pride. We maintain all our moving equipment and our moving truck regularly ensuring that nothing is damaged or ruined during the entire process of the move.

Start Your Move Anytime!

The PU Movers team is available to work 24/7 and is responsive to any query or last-minute duty call. We have tried to make the entire process very simple for our esteemed clients. Our booking process is easy, you can give us a call or even book us online through our website, our services are affordable and our work, reliable. PU Movers' R & D department works tirelessly to come up with ways to further simplify the process for you and make it easier for you to reach out and hire our services.

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We Value Our Employees

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Being a family-owned business, we also take care of our team, which consists of packers, movers, drivers, supervisors, managers, and our customer support personnel like a family whose foremost priority is the convenience and satisfaction of the customer. At PU Movers, we believe in equal opportunities for all, and our team practices the values of compassion, commitment, consistency, honesty, loyalty, dependability, and unselfishness when dealing with one another. Our services are a reflection of our values which are built around teamwork and integrity. All our team members are disciplined, courteous, and very hard-working professionals.

Get to Know Our Family of Partners

We are a 360-degree professional moving service and we take care of the entire moving process from the beginning to the end, whether it be residential or office/commercial relocation or furniture/ items moving, rearranging or goodwill furniture pick up and drop off. Our global partners include Protect Life, Health Care, Fast Mail, Happiness, Family Doctor, and Helping Infinity whose support has been consistent and uplifting throughout our journey in this industry.

Get in Touch with Us Now in Tampa

We have served for years in Orlando, Florida, and have now extended out our moving services in Tampa after receiving great praise and support from the people there. Our impeccable service in Orlando has earned us massive respect and trust from the masses for which we are eternally grateful and now plan to expand our clientele into the hospitable Tampa.  Our work is all about you and we are never happier than while working with our amazing clients.