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Pete’s Ultimate Movers provides affordable and reliable moving services to the people in Tampa. With our years of experience helping thousands of valued clients relocate, we are able to handle any sort of requirement with ease. We offer a wide variety of services to the residential and commercial sector including packing, unpacking, moving, home staging, loading and unloading and internal moves!

At Pete’s Ultimate Movers we strive to deliver the utmost quality to our valued clients. Our primary areas of focus include reliability and affordability! Our moving team undergoes a strict training regimen to help them perform at a 100% on the day of your move.

Although it may seem easy to do it yourself, moving can be a very stressful time for all those involved. Hire experts to assist you! We guarantee a seamless moving process to get you up and running in your new place in no time!



Pete’s Ultimate Movers is the leading moving service provider in Tampa Florida At Pete’s Ultimate Movers, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent. We truly believe that our employees are the best representatives of our values for the business and as such, we go out of our way to fully commit towards helping our employees grow during their time with us.

Working at Pete’s Ultimate Movers

Our work environment is centered around productivity. Our target candidates are either ones who have experience or are willing to learn. These opportunities are great for fresh graduates, with little to no experience. Our candidates undergo a strict screening process to ensure that our customers get the best qualified candidates for the position. Our culture is primarily team-centric and customer focused. With our unparalleled dedication towards providing unmatched quality to our customers, we expect our employees to be at par with our standards. We offer multiple job openings ranging from movers to drivers to marketing relationship managers. With our diverse network of employees, we’re sure you’ll get a ton of exposure working with us! Our clients mean the world to us, but so do our employees. We offer fair compensation for your hard work and time and have regular meeting to ensure that your time with us is going well. Our appraisal process is very stringent and growth opportunities are immense! Apply now by sending


Our Ideal Candidate

At Pete’s Ultimate Movers, we are continuously on the lookout for highly motivated talent with loads of energy and a passion to grow immensely. The ideal candidate would have a propensity towards making extra efforts towards learning and great communication skills! We take care of all the training, so prior experience is not a must!

No discrimination Policy

At Pete’s Ultimate Movers, we absolutely do not discriminate between gender and race. We are proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer. However, it is important to keep in mind that most of our work involves heavy manual labor, so we would prefer someone who is in good shape and can handle the current workload with ease. Everyone is welcome to apply and will definitely be given equal consideration during the evaluation process!

Job Roles


As the driver, you will need a valid heavy-duty vehicle driving license in order to be considered for the position. Knowledge of allowed freeways for transport would be an added bonus. Duties may also contain miscellaneous tasks.

Moving Labor:

For the moving labor role, we require someone who is in good shape physically. This is due to the fact that this manual labor role involves a lot of heavy lifting. Good hardworking work ethic and communication skills are a must

Marketing Representatives

As a Pete’s Ultimate Movers Marketing Representative, you will be tasked with coming up with new leads for the business. We also include a special commissions bonus in there for you to keep you motivated and up and running along the way! Although having a marketing degree isn’t necessary, having prior experience would definitely be preferred!


As mentioned earlier, we’re always in the need of new employees since we’re currently expanding very rapidly! To apply, please send in your CV’s at careers@pumovers.com or reach out to us via email or telephone in case of any queries.


Helping yourself and still helping others is a win scenario.

If you’re ready to go back to the old bed frame or believe it’s time to refresh the kitchen, the pumovers company will help by picking up your discarded things and donating them.

We’ll send out our strong lineup to retrieve your things from anywhere on your property—your yard, basement, attic, you name it—after you give us a call. We’ll do whatever we can to make sure your things find a new home. Enable pumovers moving company to assist you in giving your items a second shot at life.

The below are some of our most often asked donation pickup services:

Things for the Home

Garage Cleanouts, Attic Cleanouts, and Basement Cleanouts are all services that we have.

Things for the Home

Cleaning Out Storage Units